Live-in care

We provide the very best live-in carers for people with a wide array of care needs and across the nation.

Personal care

Our live in carers will be on hand to provide personal care of all types from feeding and dressing to showering and toileting.

Overnight care

Our live in carers are on hand to provide waking and sleeping night care for all care needs.

Respite Care

Whether you need care after an operation or to cover your main carer we will be happy to provide care at short notice and the dates you require.

Incontinence care

A skilled and experienced live in carer will make the world of difference to incontinence whether it’s simply by prompting, use of pads or management of a catheter.


Our expert carers will take the pressure of you or a loved one when it comes to correctly taking medication in a safe and timely manner.

Domiciliary care

Our wonderful carers will help you with domestic tasks, cooking, personal care, companionship, security and a lot more.

Brain Injury Care

Our live-in carers are trained and experienced in caring for a range of needs including brain injury.

Our personal carer will provide to

  • Assist with mobility – helping into and out of a bed or a chair
  • Assist with bathing and showering (prompting, full assistance)
  • Apply lotions and creams
  • Help to dress in clean clothes
  • Help to get ready for bed
  • Help with oral hygiene, (Inc. appropriate care of dentures)
  • Help to apply and remove make-up
  • Assist with hair care; shaving, brushing
  • Offer support with the use of toilet/commode facilities
  • Change catheter bags
  • Assist with convenes
  • Change and dispose of incontinence pads
  • Help with preventing and caring for those with bedsores
  • Offer nutritional advice
  • Help with foot care
  • Help with eye care
  • Offer clinical care (Some clinical care can be provided by carers for areas in which they are fully trained in – such as medication administration, management of stomas/catheters and blood sugar monitoring and PEG feeding)